The first beagle came to the House in 1987, and the first litter was born in 1989. And what it has not led. interest for breeding occurred rapidly and in 1992 we received our kennel name.
We do not have more than 2 litters a year. We want to give our puppies the most optimal Emboss. The puppies are born and grow up inside the House with us. In this way they learn to know the sounds in the home, with dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, guests and not least children.

We use our beagles for exhibition, tracking and, of course, as the beloved family dog.

Denmark became in 2006 the first Danish track champion. Of course we are very proud that we have had a little finger with in the game. "Tulle" (Edward) is after our Toonhund Spring Colours (Banjo) and Fairytosh Fadeless Felecia.

Any comments on these small "tease sticks" is very welcome.


Kennel Fairytosh

v/ Myrna L. Christiansen og Henrik Westeraa