Just fun


A Beagle always gives the opportunity for a smile with the fun and games


Bedtime at the stove
It is said one must
be versatile
You can be a sweet girl
You do not get your food,
we want it..
so go away!
How are you ended there? you
should be in the puppy farm
Hamsters fills too little in the
stomach, sooo let them enjoy themselves
Mother & Daughter
"Can we please come in?"
Where is mom's the used??
They are better than them in the closet
Yums ... a lovely roast in the oven...
when do we eat?

Dog cruelty???

"Get me out of here!"

(Fanny to dog paddle)


Balder has found its place in the   house ...
A beagle must, of course
keep an eye on
Zander is very aware of
what happens in the big world